What is it

    Aranida is a universal cataloger: customizable program that allows you to enter and store the description of a large number of objects, and the most important thing - to organize arbitrary links between them, depending on what we want to show with these links.

What is it for

    In the most general case - for restoring order. On the basis of Aranida you can create a system of accounting for all material and immaterial objects, and capture and track relationships between them.
    For example, you can keep personal home library catalog in Aranida, or - if you want - create a system of accounting for a large library.
    Based on Aranida you can create accounting system for a small warehouse, and a bigger system for a warehouse complex.
    You can use Aranida as a system of accounting for a small company's IT infrastructure, and can create a description of the enterprise infrastructure, numbering hundreds of thousands of items.
    Some variants of utilization allow taking the system "as is" and getting all that you need, and some, such as the system of sporting events, require the development of specific add-on modules, and we are always ready to help you with it.
    But it will always work fast, easy and convenient.

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What are prosSix major reasons to use Aranida


Not many applications that work with multi-dimensional data sets can boast the same speed.


Yes, we would like to hold regular training seminars: we like to show off, among other things!.. but it really is not necessary.


Show the relationship between the elements of your data in any way you like most. Or in every way at once.


The data is stored very compactly. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of elements described, you do not need huge disk arrays.


If your system has users, then there is data inconsistency. However, any errors in the system are very easy to fix.

Low cost of ownership

A staff of trained professionals is not required for system administration. Partial employment of a reasonable DBA will suffice.

Where it works

The program runs under any Microsoft Windows, starting with XP SP3.

Personal Edition can be used on personal computers, group and corporate editions - on personal computers and in terminal environment.

In addition, Personal Edition can create a working copy on removable media.

EditionsIf current edition is no longer satisfied, you always can upgrade to a more powerful.

  • Personal
  • FREE
  • Freeware DBMS
  • In-turn use
  • All users have equal rights
  • Support by e-mail
  • More
  • Workgroup
  • per user
  • Freeware DBMS
  • Several users
  • Distinction of rights
  • Several support modes
  • More
  • Corporate
  • varies
  • Enterprise DBMS
  • A lot of users at the same time
  • Distinction of rights
  • Extended support
  • In progress